Starcraft II is out…

28 Jul

So basically I’m deciding about whether or not I should pay Blizzard to steal my soul.

I come from a long streak of WoW’ing.  By long streak, I mean 2000+ hours of my life gone which doesn’t sound like much.  You really have to consider the fact I hardly played for a year.

The reason I’m reluctant on Starcraft is because of how badly I suck at RTSs.  Like, laughably bad.  I’ve won one game of Starcraft and that’s because I realized my boyfriend’s strategy is “build, build, build.”  It gave me plenty of time to zerg his butt! (

So, reader… do you think SCII is worth the $60?  I’d love to hear opinions!

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One Response to “Starcraft II is out…”

  1. Kev October 16, 2010 at 1:02 am #

    Yes! Buy it (if you haven’t already)!

    I also used to suck at RTS’s. SCII has broken me down and remade me into a half-decent RTS player. The matchmaking system online is intuitive and will match you with players of a similar skill level. You’ll have some horrible matches – KEEP PLAYING, it gets better. While it doesn’t have the same addictive qualities of WoW, a game I can lamentably relate to your story playing roughly 5 years, it still managed to get its hooks into me – and I NEVER play RTS games online.

    Singleplayer is also a hoot. Trust me (a complete stranger on the internet, haha), it’s well worth the 60 clams.

    – Kev

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