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Favorite Gaming Moments of 2010

14 Jan

2010 was a great year for me when it came to gaming.  I finally landed a job to pay for a habit that requires money, and what wasn’t spent on photography equipment and food was spent on games.

Through the rest of this entry I’ll share with you my top moments of the few games I had the chance to complete in 2010.  Be warned, there are spoilers in this post.

Mordin gives Medical Advice (Mass Effect 2) – Garrus was my absolute favorite character in the original Mass Effect, so when I discovered he was romanceable in its sequel, I was thrilled.  Garrus and I were going about our usual business, and between him calibrating the Normandy’s weapons, we made progress with one another.  That’s when Mordin shared this gem.

Stress Test (Heavy Rain) – I’ve always been one to immerse myself in games, but when I got behind the wheel for the first trial in Heavy Rain, I was astounded.  Never has a portion of a video game been so stressful.

The Game (Fable III) – This was easily the most humorous quest I played all year.  While I’ve never been much of a table top RPG gamer, I’ve been around plenty to realize how real this actually is.  People arguing about quest rewards, enemies, and weapon drops are all things I’ve witnessed while watching others playing D&D.

The Shattering (World of Warcraft) – World of Warcraft was beginning to show its age in the original portions of Azeroth.  Of course, like all good things it must come to an end by an angry dragon that seeks revenge.  The desert of Thousand Needles is not a giant lake with islands made of what were once plateaus.  Blizzard made a good move when they entirely reconstructed their original WoW world.

Lone Wolf (Halo Reach) – During the first mission in Halo Reach, Carter sternly tells Noble Six that the Lone Wolf crap stays behind, they work as a team.  Unfortunately Six becomes the last spartan of the Noble Team we even partially know the whereabouts of.  On a game that focused entirely on team, you’re left alone to fight a heap of never ending Elites.

What are your favorite moments of 2010.  Also, credit goes to Kotaku for the idea of this post.


Starcraft II is out…

28 Jul

So basically I’m deciding about whether or not I should pay Blizzard to steal my soul.

I come from a long streak of WoW’ing.  By long streak, I mean 2000+ hours of my life gone which doesn’t sound like much.  You really have to consider the fact I hardly played for a year.

The reason I’m reluctant on Starcraft is because of how badly I suck at RTSs.  Like, laughably bad.  I’ve won one game of Starcraft and that’s because I realized my boyfriend’s strategy is “build, build, build.”  It gave me plenty of time to zerg his butt! (

So, reader… do you think SCII is worth the $60?  I’d love to hear opinions!

PS:  Don’t forget to check out my photography blog.

Mass Effect

25 Jul

Since the first game came out, I’ve been completely addicted.  Since the original, I’ve gotten a PC capable of playing the game… of course now I’m having a hard time finding ME1 for PC.  I own both games of X360, and since yesterday ME2 for PC… but I’d like to have the first too!

And for fun, here’s some pics of my fem!shep.

Expect many more to come!  Especially once I get my little (big?) Garrus back!