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Aside 14 Jul

Yesterday da boyfriend and I headed to Columbia for his eye exam (boy needed glasses) then decided to waste the day away there.  I ended up with all dis:

ImageBasically, my interests are all over the place.  There is a new store at the mall called alter’d state, and they have a lot of cute stuff, but none of it looked right on me.  Apparently wide hips and peplum are a bad combo.  There was an owl necklace that also caught my attention, but I didn’t want to drop $100+ on it after paying for an eye exam (happy birthday, baby, have these doctors prod your eyes!).  Columbia also has a cute little downtown place where I bought some vintage boots from the 60’s and that pyrite in a square necklace.


 The boots need  a little work done with them, mainly the laces replaced and some leather cleaned up.  After downtown shopping I checked out games store called Valhalla’s Gate.  Lots of awesome board games and miniature games there.  I’ve always wanted to paint some miniatures so I bought a kit and painted my first one last night.  He turned out okay, I guess, but I have a lot to learn.  Definitely going to practice on the cheaper high elves that came with my kit before going on to my beautiful pewter minis.