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I Feel Like an A-Hole

6 Jan

For not posting in this more.  I’m really sorry single reader that I have.

I bought a PS3 over the past weekend, and though I hate to say it, it’s gotten more time this week than my Xbox 360 has.  Heavy Rain is such a beautiful and unique game!


Epic Citadel

2 Sep

Epic and Apple had a pretty surprising tech demo that was unveiled.

Unreal Engine on the iPhone us woah! There’s also a surprising amount of draw distance.

So to the point, I showed this amazing demonstration of 3D technology to my family… And none of them understood what was so cool about it. My sister said “So, what am I looking at?” I lol’d.

Above are some direct from iPhone pictures I took. Sorry that they’re sideways, but I’m not great at editing in-phone.

Starcraft II is out…

28 Jul

So basically I’m deciding about whether or not I should pay Blizzard to steal my soul.

I come from a long streak of WoW’ing.  By long streak, I mean 2000+ hours of my life gone which doesn’t sound like much.  You really have to consider the fact I hardly played for a year.

The reason I’m reluctant on Starcraft is because of how badly I suck at RTSs.  Like, laughably bad.  I’ve won one game of Starcraft and that’s because I realized my boyfriend’s strategy is “build, build, build.”  It gave me plenty of time to zerg his butt! (

So, reader… do you think SCII is worth the $60?  I’d love to hear opinions!

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