Aside 14 Jul

Yesterday da boyfriend and I headed to Columbia for his eye exam (boy needed glasses) then decided to waste the day away there.  I ended up with all dis:

ImageBasically, my interests are all over the place.  There is a new store at the mall called alter’d state, and they have a lot of cute stuff, but none of it looked right on me.  Apparently wide hips and peplum are a bad combo.  There was an owl necklace that also caught my attention, but I didn’t want to drop $100+ on it after paying for an eye exam (happy birthday, baby, have these doctors prod your eyes!).  Columbia also has a cute little downtown place where I bought some vintage boots from the 60’s and that pyrite in a square necklace.


 The boots need  a little work done with them, mainly the laces replaced and some leather cleaned up.  After downtown shopping I checked out games store called Valhalla’s Gate.  Lots of awesome board games and miniature games there.  I’ve always wanted to paint some miniatures so I bought a kit and painted my first one last night.  He turned out okay, I guess, but I have a lot to learn.  Definitely going to practice on the cheaper high elves that came with my kit before going on to my beautiful pewter minis.



2011 Beat Games List

15 May

2011 was a new year about five months ago, but it doesn’t stop me from starting one of these lists now.  One thing to keep in mind, I don’t really finish many games.  I end up starting something else and getting distracted, or just getting bored with the title.  One of my resolutions is to work on that.  There are also will be a lot of older titles on this list.

Dragon Age II
Fable III
Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
Portal 2
Alpha Protocol
Heavy Rain

Favorite Gaming Moments of 2010

14 Jan

2010 was a great year for me when it came to gaming.  I finally landed a job to pay for a habit that requires money, and what wasn’t spent on photography equipment and food was spent on games.

Through the rest of this entry I’ll share with you my top moments of the few games I had the chance to complete in 2010.  Be warned, there are spoilers in this post.

Mordin gives Medical Advice (Mass Effect 2) – Garrus was my absolute favorite character in the original Mass Effect, so when I discovered he was romanceable in its sequel, I was thrilled.  Garrus and I were going about our usual business, and between him calibrating the Normandy’s weapons, we made progress with one another.  That’s when Mordin shared this gem.

Stress Test (Heavy Rain) – I’ve always been one to immerse myself in games, but when I got behind the wheel for the first trial in Heavy Rain, I was astounded.  Never has a portion of a video game been so stressful.

The Game (Fable III) – This was easily the most humorous quest I played all year.  While I’ve never been much of a table top RPG gamer, I’ve been around plenty to realize how real this actually is.  People arguing about quest rewards, enemies, and weapon drops are all things I’ve witnessed while watching others playing D&D.

The Shattering (World of Warcraft) – World of Warcraft was beginning to show its age in the original portions of Azeroth.  Of course, like all good things it must come to an end by an angry dragon that seeks revenge.  The desert of Thousand Needles is not a giant lake with islands made of what were once plateaus.  Blizzard made a good move when they entirely reconstructed their original WoW world.

Lone Wolf (Halo Reach) – During the first mission in Halo Reach, Carter sternly tells Noble Six that the Lone Wolf crap stays behind, they work as a team.  Unfortunately Six becomes the last spartan of the Noble Team we even partially know the whereabouts of.  On a game that focused entirely on team, you’re left alone to fight a heap of never ending Elites.

What are your favorite moments of 2010.  Also, credit goes to Kotaku for the idea of this post.

I Feel Like an A-Hole

6 Jan

For not posting in this more.  I’m really sorry single reader that I have.

I bought a PS3 over the past weekend, and though I hate to say it, it’s gotten more time this week than my Xbox 360 has.  Heavy Rain is such a beautiful and unique game!

Weekend Mission

24 Sep

Hunt down Halo: Reach LE strategy guide.  I feel like I can buy it now that I’ve beaten the game.

Oh, lawdy I want one with a Jorge cover (who is my female Spartan’s firefight voice now.  HAR HAR)

Halo: Reach

20 Sep

Like most 360 gamers (it seems), Halo:  Reach was my most anticipated game of the year.  I’ve been a fan of the Halo series since a couple years after the first game came out, so the prequel was something I was especially looking forward to.

I’m not going to write a whole lot since I suck at writing reviews, and I’ll end up spoiling the story for others… but it’s fantastic.  I love every single peice of the game!

The turn out for the midnight launch in Jefferson City, MO astounded me.  I had no idea there were that many dedicated Halo fans in my area.  Sounds like I need to make me some more friends!

Here is a shot of my Noble Six so far.

Epic Citadel

2 Sep

Epic and Apple had a pretty surprising tech demo that was unveiled.

Unreal Engine on the iPhone us woah! There’s also a surprising amount of draw distance.

So to the point, I showed this amazing demonstration of 3D technology to my family… And none of them understood what was so cool about it. My sister said “So, what am I looking at?” I lol’d.

Above are some direct from iPhone pictures I took. Sorry that they’re sideways, but I’m not great at editing in-phone.